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7 Tips for Selecting Vacation Rental Art

March 28, 2018, Author: johnbcobb

Let’s face it. Vacation rentals are a tough business to be in. Everyone and their mother wants to get into the business because they think it’s a way to get rich quick. They don’t pay attention to standards and it hurts you in the long run. One of the things many owners neglect is decoration and quite frankly that can make or break your guest’s experience.

Without further ado, here are 7 tips for decorating your vacation rental:

Vacation rental art should be interesting.

The point of art is for it to be interesting. In your vacation rental, it should be visually appealing to most people.

I’ve been to some properties that seemed to neglect the fact that art should be interesting. They take some abstract drawing of a leaf, frame it, and hang it on the wall. In some places, they hang the same thing on the wall multiple times in the same room. Talk about bland. No one wants to stay there.

Your vacation rental should never, ever hang the same thing on the wall in any room. Your guests are expecting more of a boutique feel.

Nobody wants to look at this while they're on vacation.

Vacation rental art should be non-controversial.

Your vacation rental is not a soapbox for your political beliefs or anything that may offend anybody. Your “Dump Trump” or “Lock Her Up” posters should not be on display. Your guest may not agree with you and the art could ruin their whole experience.

Remember that a vacation rental is in the hospitality industry. If you were to stay at the Springhill Suites by Marriott or the Weston or even Motel 6, would you see art on the wall that would potentially offend you? Absolutely not.

Save the political commentary or controversial rhetoric for Facebook or Twitter. Your vacation rental is not the place for that.

Make sure there’s a consistent theme.

Your guests will not like it if your decorating has no plan. As I always like to say: “Decorating with no plan is worse than not decorating at all.” A mishmash of things is unprofessional and gross looking.

If you’re in the mountains, a rustic theme is appropriate. If you’re by the ocean, a beach or sea theme would work. No one would complain about that.

Embrace your local culture.

Don’t forget: vacation rental has the word “vacation” in it. That means your guests probably will be on vacation or perhaps a corporate retreat. This means that they want to experience the local culture, not be sheltered from it.

Consider hanging some posters of your town in the old days. Show off the pride of your town, be it from some agricultural good you produce a lot of or a tourist site. There’s something unique about where your vacation rental is.

A great choice if your vacation rental were near the White Cliffs of Dover.

Your colors should look good together.

A bright green accent wall surrounded by dark purple walls is not a good idea and it’s hard on the eyes. Your guests will not appreciate it.

Neutral and soft colors are a good choice for vacation rentals because they can be touched up easily and won’t clash at all with anything. There are more types of white than your might thing. There’s a yellowish white called Navajo white that goes well with Santa Fe architecture. Your beach house may look good with a white with a hint of orange in it called Jamaican Sand.

Avoid live plants and animals.

This one seems like a no-brainer but a lot of people think aquatic animals and plants are a good choice for decorating their vacation rental. They’re not. They’re living things and they have needs. If those needs aren’t met, they die.

Plants are fine on the outside but inside they need constant care and attention.

I had one client who had a vacation rental. He had an indoor turtle pond which was an interesting concept. Unfortunately, the pond wasn’t cleaned regularly and the turtles weren’t fed often enough. One thing led to another and they started cannibalizing each other.

Ask yourself this as a vacation rental owner: Do I want people complaining about dead fish and plants or even pools of blood in the pond? Your answer should be no. That’s bad for business and will kill your property.

Make sure your decorations are affordable.

Guests may be destructive. They might throw a wild party without you knowing. A small child could throw a ball and know your art off the wall. If it’s valuable, that’s a huge problem.

At the end of the day, when a decoration breaks, your bottom line take a hit and you have less money at the end of the day.

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