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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Poster Closeout?

Poster Closeout is a website that brings you unique designs at discount prices. Many of the items here are exclusive and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

Why did you start Poster Closeout?

We couldn’t find the designs we wanted at all on the big poster stores or for a reasonable price or with decent quality. One thing led to another and Poster Closeout was built.

I noticed that your posters cost a bit more than the cheap posters at the dollar store. Why?

We believe that quality matters and the manufacturer for the dollar store doesn’t. They print on incredibly low-quality paper–around 45 gsm or so. That’s why these cheap posters tear so easily. We print on at least 135 gsm paper up to 210 gsm. If the GSM is above that, the paper isn’t going to roll up properly and we would have to ship it flat and then the postal service or shipping company would charge us more and we wouldn’t be able to provide free shipping anymore.

How much does shipping cost?

It’s free and it will always be that way. We don’t believe in hidden costs.

What is your refund and return policy?

Since we are poster liquidators, we do not accept returns or exchanges simply on the basis of “I don’t like it.” or a similar circumstance. However, if your product arrives damaged, we will replace the product. In the event a product is no longer available, we will suggest a similar product. If no suitable replacement is available, we will refund you. Contact for more information.

Where do you source your designs?

From various art dealers around the world. The Poster Closeout team is multilingual and travels to find the most interesting products. We can’t tell you any more than that. It’s our trade secret.

I'm an artist. Can I get my design listed on Poster Closeout?

No. We don’t work directly with artists. We only work with dealers, preferably those who are looking to liquidate a certain design or build brand recognition for a certain artist.

I'm an artist with an agent. Can I contact them and tell them to get my works listed on Poster Closeout?

No. We will not accept any works as such because we do not work directly with artists. We prefer to find our own art dealers.

If I email an example of my work to Poster Closeout, will you at least critique it?

No. We are not art critics. We are poster liquidators. We sell posters and do not critique art.

I'm an art dealer. Can I my products listed on Poster Closeout?

We prefer to find art dealers ourselves because we have specific requirements for what works will we show. However, if you are looking to liquidate, send a message to with the subject “PARTNERSHIP”.

Do you offer interior design consultations?

No. We are poster liquidators, not interior decorators. Some interior decorators may order from Poster Closeout because our prices and catalog are amazing but offering design consultations is something that we don’t do.

Do you sell paintings?

No. If we sold paintings, our store would be called “Painting Closeout”. We only sell posters.

Can I order wholesale or in bulk from Poster Closeout?

That might be a possibility. Send an email to with a subject of “QUOTE REQUEST” and indicate the item that you would be interested in having in bulk.

Do you have a phone number?

No, in order to keep costs low, we can’t afford to hire people to man the phones. You can contact us by email at

Do you have internships?

That would be something we would have to discuss. Send an email to with “INTERNSHIP WANTED” in the subject.